Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Project, project, project. Its like a hobby, in fact it is a hobby. What is yours? Everyone needs one. Something that gives you allocated time to spend with yourself, not watching TV, not reading, actually doing something...decoupaging a cupboard, building furniture, collecting butterflies and pining them in a book, whatever interests you. I am a gardener at the moment, by moment I mean it changes, who gardens in winter? So with spring in the air and summer rolling on in its the perfect time to get ones fingers dirty. I got into a courtyard at our entrance. Decided I wanted some kind of Villa feel and not necessarily a Mediterranean one but ones that they have in the quiet little towns of the Karoo.

Throw in some jasmine - star, Chinese, Carolina. Splash the floor with some petunias and squeeze in some ivy. Two rose bushes here, and a fern there. Bougainvillea ready to go and the spray of colours ignite from the suns overwhelming and relentless shine. Its all looking great, time to move on.

So find something to keep your hands busy but more or less allow your mind to be a little free. With gardening you see, I get into pulling out all the weeds. Eventually I am so tuned into weeding the garden that I am not thinking about it but my mind is thinking about what I want, where am I going, what is a goal and do I have one? It asks all the philosophical questions that are fun to debate about in my head with myself. Its how I get to my decisions of the choices I make in life, by debating about it, in my head, while pulling out little irritating weeds.

Clear your head and fill it up with a whole new bag of questions.

Till next time, go outside and mow the lawn:-D

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