Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mr Gay SA and a Cruise Ship

So, I found myself on the MSC Sinfonia on route into the middle of the coastline of Mozambique, Imhambane, along with a bunch of gay men and the 12 finalists for the Mr Gay SA competition. And before I get into the details of my own experience on this floating hotel in the sea I thought I might share what I thought of all the contestants. For anyone who is really interested in if the guys representing are in fact representatives and role models or is it just a question of how hot you are? Being part of the cruise and going alone and being so painfully observant of people, I took in what they were saying (the administrators) of how the contestants are judged on the trip as it apparently counts 50% of their total score. I am not a judge, a coordinator or in away in control or have anything to do with this competition. I feel I represent most of the gay guys out there who feel that maybe a beauty pageant should be left up to women? So I represent you and I set out to try find someone I would want to represent!

So, I tried to talk to each one of them

Errol Stroebel, did not speak two words to the man. I think I said hi at the bar but there was no conversation so I dont know what he is like at all. Pretty eyes, sincere when he talks (publicly) but thats as far as I can judge.

Tshepo Chuenyane, lovely man, very shy but extremely polite. I mean painfully shy but once he started to warm up he would try break out of his shell and crack a conversation. I think a competition like this might actually help make this man into a fine role model for South African Gay Guys.

Karl-Heinz Michel, not a word. I did notice him as he has this larger than life smile and is pretty tall but I did not get to talk to him besides a random hello as we passed one another.

Francois Nel, I actually did not even notice this guy until the last night which is very surprising because he is one seriously beautiful man. Hottest body by far. But like green in a garden he just blended in with the surroundings. I mean green is the best part of a garden but the flowers are what really get noticed... personally I love green.

Barry Meyer, very determined guy. He has his head screwed on exactly the way he wants it. I think he is a very strong person and has the ability to surprise but at times I thought his whole persona might just be a show seeing that he is a very clever young man and perhaps very shy, yet hidden well. I always say fake it till you can make it.

Prince Mkhize, he was actually completely dismissive the first time I met him and then continued to play it shy which I found completely odd, his whole demur screams of cocky self confidence.

Ernest M Gravett, this one is a real real cutie. In my opinion he has the most beautiful face I have ever seen. Love his doe eyes, love the stubble, cute grin, it all works for him. He is very polite. Sharp with his wit so here again I doubt his sincerity with how he talks to people as I know he has the intuition to play a table, bending any conversation to his advantage.

Jared Lee Smit, very beautiful boy but the operative word being boy. I think maybe if he were just 4 years older he would cream this competition but he's not and his nativity shines very bright.

Shannon Masilo Rex
, did not get the chance to meet him.

Dustin Carr, he has a personality that is absolutely amazing. Friendly to the max with this delightful chuckle every once and a while as talks to you. Very confident but with a great self esteem which feels like he isn't hiding anything. If he were a little bit taller he would walk home with the title but lets face it, short guys just don't stand out on a stage as well as tall guys. But I am totally shouting for the short guy!

André Lammers I feel I had an instant connection with him. I would totally hang out with him, invite him to dinner parties and go on a vacation... he is someone I would want to call my friend, totally awesome guy. His conversation was less that of wit and more of insight. He held my attention when he spoke and when I asked him question some of the other boys dared not answer he gave me a very frank answer. He is one to be admired.

I guess I liked the guys that tried to talk to me more than the ones I had to make the effort to talk to.
I wish them all good luck though.

Till next time!


SteveA said...

Wow - some major hotties there!

Crazeebee747 said...

ok! I am sooooo loving what you did with this post. Big RESPECT to you. Love it Love it. But sigh, the boys are hot and will be the first to admit, that looks probably tips the scales more in the above beauty pageant :(

anyhoo, but respect. connection is the way to go. lesson for me ;)

Juanne de Abreu said...

I just need to point out that the guy I thought had the winning personality came second and the guy with the hot bod came first...
I'm just saying. LOL