Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Ass Man

 I am just an ass guy.  To see it wrapped up real tight in a pair of cargo's, really gets me going.
Passing a hot cop on the street, gets my blood flowing.

To see his crack, ever so lightly, peaking out the top of a belt, inviting my tongue, to slide down the spine and wet that crack... it's a tease beyond teasing.

and finally, to see his ass all bare.

It drives me wild...

 I want to play with it.

or play with myself and watch it?

I am just an ass guy!

1 comment:

SteveA said...

It's wierd - that picture of the guy in the kilt - I have that same exact picture in a painting - it's part of a 6 part series done by a Scottish artist of the same guy in various states of undressing. Every morning I awake to see that painting - it's awesome!

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