Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The United States Of America.... and Men

So, I have never been to the great US of A, but I can't wait to go. Have I had the pleasure of getting more than close with an American hottie? The answer is YES, and gladly so.

No matter what age he is at, an American honey always seems to be the most naive of all the men around the world and in the most admirable kind of way.

My first experience with and US honey was like six years ago.

He was apparently a football player on a bit of a vacation in Cape Town. I managed to get him out of the hotel he was staying in and got him to a restaurant.

He was so apprehensive in the beginning, probably because he came here for a little bit of sex and not an odd dinner date with a South African boy he probably won't see again.
But my smoldering charm and wild looks had him hooked and before the clock struck twelve I was wrestled to the floor by a man that wanted to show me all about the bright RED, WHITE AND BLUE.

Here is to the charming men of America!

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