Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday Morning Hangovers as time catches up with me

So, to start it off I have epilepsy and really it's my own stupid fault for drinking when I know I not only shouldn't but I actually can't handle it too. Then, being the shy boy in a kilt was something i needed to be prepared for, I mean anyone, and anyone did, can just put there hand up your skirt and have a feel. So admittedly I rely too much on the company I am with when I get drunk.

Last night i was with my boyfriend. I was having such an amazing night getting wasted with him and laughing so damn much. I made the stupid mistake of leaving his side to go get money when really i just needed to walk a bit. being in the Village all the men noticed the stumbling drunk boy, easy prey right? so i just wanted to go home but instead I went back to my boyfriend to tell him i over did it far too quickly but he was busy and passed me another drink. So I went home.

I was so sick for about 15min. totally ridiculous. this was at about 11pm. He arrived home at 3am and he was MMMMMMAD. I did apologise for not telling him but I did try calling him and leaving a message. He says he spent the entire night looking for me but not once did he call me... strange? he even found one of my friends and even then they did not give me a call... strange?

I think the song and dance of trust between two lovers is so close yet so far, a slow percussion with fast movements. I guess i am angry with myself for not telling him I needed to go....

Drink smart guys. I am just getting too old to party the way I use to party, hahaha. time hey, it will get you.

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Anonymous said...

I havn't read anything about the boyfriend yet on here until now. Tell us more. Yes strange about not phoning.. don't blame yourself.

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