Friday, March 11, 2011

Sexual Potential

The Cancer man is polite, well-mannered, chivalrous and courteous. Good old school gallant gentlemen. He cares for safety, family and traditional values very much.

Very passionate but not the experimental type.

This honey is going to require comfort and safety to be intimate especially if you want to go in any experimental form.

Totally get to know the people that are close to him, especially his mother yo’. And if you succeed, getting the mamma to like you, consider yourself half way down that aisle.

This little crab will back up very quickly into his little hole if he feels like he can’t trust you. Do not arouse any jealousy or suspicion. A cabin on the lake or a mountainside condominium are also attractive to this little honey bear, the only other necessity is to have you right by his side .... This is one honey who can also be counted upon to help out with household chores. Dishes, dusting, sweeping, hedge trimming, and lawn mowing are almost akin to lovemaking (love of home) in his eyes. All you need to do is be 100% loyal and you will be treated like the King or Queen of the Castle. It's quite a small price to pay. WATER

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