Friday, March 11, 2011

Sexual Evolution

Aquarius are often inconsistent. They can be in love one day and break up the next. To keep an Aquarius man,

take into account that first of all Aquarius’s appreciate friendship,

so you will never be able to build stable relationships with an Aquarius unless he considers you to be his friend. you can still have some pretty amazing sex but it won't build into anything real unless he feels that close, lets go try on clothes together, friendship.

They love their freedom so allow them to breath from time to time.

Energetic and enthusiastic, curious by nature and always up to try something new. Give him a very... very long leash and your respect.

This is one of the most freedom-oriented of all the signs and this individual will not tolerate nagging or any cramping of his style.

Flexibility is also a must with this mate as he enjoys last-minute and/or unexpected surprises.

"Boring" will not be a word you use to describe this relationship as he keeps you wondering what's going to happen next. If you are looking for a partner with whom to have a fair and interesting match, you have found it here.


1 comment:

nemo said...

this kind of guys i couldnt be with in serious relationship xD

but i like them :P they r cool but moody xD