Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Manhandle Me...

So, recently I found myself whisked off, like Dorothy and that fucking dog, to a world unlike my own but strangely enough unlike Dorothy, I went from the lovely seaside home with view of little Robin Island to the farmlands as apposed to the farmlands and the magical Land of Oz. There I was, lost in this new world with these characters very similar to the ones in the story. The stiff, cold guy lacking a bit of heart. The floppy fairy with the fabulous swagger... does he think about what he is doing? The fearless female, well I guess she doesnt lack courage but she has the curls to match that damn camp lion. And then there is Dorothy. No I am not Dorothy, I'm that fucking dog that is following this group of people around without any real purpose to the whole development of the main story. So what the hell did Toto get up to while everyone else was sleeping?

One night Dorothy told Toto to leave. So Toto hops in his car at 01h30 am because naturally he needs to take what has been said verbatim and make a little bit of drama in the middle of small town farmland sweet southern africa. Toto then procedes to drive slowly through the towns main road looking for a guesthouse that would open their door. Naturally he looked a little suspicions when he carried on down the
same street into the dodgy side of town, funny, no matter how small a town can be, there will always be a 'that side of the tracks'. So when Toto is driving once again back up the road he is suddenly brought to a hard halt. Accompanied by frantic flashing blue lights, the evil flying monkeys pull their big huge police van in front of his car. I think these monkeys looked more like PIGS but it was dark.

Toto got very pissed off when these PIG looking monkeys start searching his car for no real reason. He starts to bark. The PIG looking monkeys want to search him now because
he is barking and so they turn him and push him onto his car. With an already injured wrist Toto lets rip barking words at the authority that maybe should not have been barked. He gets in his car and drives off only to be followed by the PIGS. Toto starts to cry.... all he wants is to just go home!
When he gets back to the farm he is met with shocking hostility. Toto lashes out at Dorothy
drawing a little bit of blood. Needless to say, dorothy clicked her heels three times and the two of them were in the car heading back to the city at a lovely 3h30 in the morning.

Now Dorothy and her dog put the silly argument behind them but what is the real point to this story... the police in this country do as they like. My little wrist did actually get hurt in this whole unnecessary scene. I mean, I stopped, gave them my license, they could see I had not been drinking at all... so now why must I be searched by a Policeman that is not even in uniform... ergo I leave, screaming stupid pigs as I leave, slowly. Then they start following me and I am all like 'Fuck that, I am so going missing tonight and all because I had to be, what, a queen? Fuck Im gonna die'

So I guess I am trying to tell you just avoid them if you can, hahahahahaha. Dont complain about them just stay far far away, it is possible. hehehehe

Till next time
Good Luck

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