Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunset Cruises Down the Peninsula.

So, what does seem to be aimed towards tourists can still be amazing to do even if you are a local.

Now I enjoy almost any sunset
booze cruise. The water, the sun, the fine chilled drinks, its just one of my favorite things to do, from
Saartjies se aartjie cruising up and down the Orange river in Upington to the cruise along the 12
Apostles here in the Cape, its a goodie!

I have been watching this pirate ship move down the coast almost every sunset from the balcony of my new home in Seapoint. I just loved the whole setting as cheezy as it may be. It looked like the
most fabulous boat to be on and my lover decided to take me on the pirate ship one fine evening.

The weather was perfect, I wore velvet and the champagne flowed freely and through me. I was extremely plastered by the time we had to get off but the sunset the mountains the sky the light the land the buildings the water the seals the was all burnt forever into my brain and onto my soul. Its completely worth anyones while. so if you find yourself at the V&A one evening around 17h00, hop on and enjoy the scene.

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