Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Bush we Grow... Number one.

So, above is a representation of how hair develops as we grow.  However not all of us are hairy and most of us, once we are men, will fit into a sort of category as above.  In other words, some of us have a sprinkle of hair in the middle of our chest and then others have a chest covered from nip to neck, and nip to nip.  Then some might have a dead end road of hair across our belly buttons and others will have a freeway from pubis to chest.  There are those with sporadic hair that pops up almost everywhere.  Do you have a preference?  I think we all have a preference when it comes to an appearance but i guess this is more for people who love a hairy chest, and what is it about that particular chest that gets you going?

So take this guy for example.  He has sprinkles on his belly and his chest and they do not connect.

On the right here there is a little bit more hair that does connect with the naval fur.

Take a look here though.  The way in which our hair grows can also add a certain texture in appearance.  The hair here flows up and fans out giving it a fairly soft sprayed effect across the chest.

Whereas some hair just sprawls out and curls forming clumps and looking rather dark in appearance with the image totally devoid of skin.
I am pretty much a fan of it all.  Hair is fun.

Hairy but shaved down can be fun...

Furry tuffs


Clumpy chunks


Nick said...

I kind of like a man with a hairy chest. To me it can be very arousing to rub my cock on his chest, but also I like men with smooth chests too, just rubbing his bare soft skin is a real turn on too. I guess it really doesn't matter to me if a man has a hairy chest or not.

Mr Lovelace said...

Hahahaha where the hell did you manage to dig up that diagram !!! WTF seriously lol I love it and I havent even read the blog yet!!! LOL Chest hair lover unite!!! Mwah Lovelace out...

DeepBlue said...

Who cares!
I love hair! :)

Funny post!