Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cape Town, give me a hand?

So, I love to walk.  One of the reasons I live where I live is for the reason that I can walk to all the places that if I were far from, a drive might detour me from going to.  So there is a cinema close, theatre, clubs, pubs and restaurants.  The only thing not in walking distance is the ocean but hell, that is one beautiful mother fucker that I will gladly drive to.

Walking home last night after a movie i passed by the few homeless folk that are around my hood.  It has been surprisingly warm here lately but for some or other reason I felt I could spare some generosity.  Once home I collected the only two blankets I have which I am not really using and went to give it to this old couple on the street.  Is it enough?  Well it is a start... I think.

If you have a blanket you are willing to part with and live in or around Cape Town, would you please help me by donating it before the rain hits our mountain seaside village.  Also, any ground mats that might help keep them dry.  I really only need 17 people to give 17 blankets to help make someone's life a little warmer at night.

Just contact me and i will come collect it myself.


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Adam said...

aaaww that was very sweet of you :)