Monday, July 4, 2011

Deadlands in the Mother City

“Deadlands” is set right here in the Mother city, in a post apocalyptic world where the dead have destroyed the world we all know.  The shit hits the fan during the world cup soccer 2010 however our story takes place much later.  It follows Lele’s journey.  A journey of self-discovery really but it is wrapped up so nicely with political crap and cultural relevance in terms of historical content mambo jumbo – which is all brilliant and I found it a treat in the book as I read on, so I don’t want to let onto exactly how they went about it.  Do not want to spoil it for you.  Nor do I want to go on about what makes the book a piece of literary genius (in my opinion) but prefer to focus on what makes this book a ride, a fast ride through the barrel of a cracking wave.

I really loved this fucking book!!!  And I do realize that writing a review with profanity is rather odd but I just fucking loved this book!  Is it because it is a first for South Africa, the first zombies to hit our shores?  Or is it because I just love a good adventure story?  Especially when told through the eyes of a special and brave young girl - funny how gays identify more with a teenage girl than anyone else, just look at the film "Mean Girls", those bitches were nothing but gay guys in mini skirts.

Look, to be fair the book started off pretty weak or rather my attention was flagged at the beginning where I had to reread the first few pages.  In fact I was confused with where I was, who I was following (not reading the blurp) and what was happening but eventually the girlies story gets going and I am totally enveloped in what is going to happen next.  I cant exactly pin point why the establishment was so confusing for me, probably because I wanted to actually know where I was, which side of the mountain, the suburb and all that jazz.  Either way it was actually irrelevant because there is an entire story we actually need to get to and wasting time on establishing Lele's geography does seem a little superfluous. 

Soon enough the action picks up real quick, along with the fantasy side of it.  With zombies in the story I expected some horror but the fantasy side of it was a wonderful surprise.  I mean the book is set in the future yet the people are living a life like they are back in the stone ages, always a fun twist to the idea of humanities regression in the future to come. 

And then there is a fight… oh my god, they are twins… she has something special about her… she meets this new guy… he sounds so enigmatical…. Throw in a whole bunch of brightly lit magic and love…. Damn, yo!  Really cool little book!

I will not say more… Go get it yo!


the.island.guy said...

This sounds like the kind of book I'd read! Zombies and kick-ass girls are awesome : )

Juanne-Pierre said...

It really is a goodie

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