Friday, July 22, 2011

This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren "Cocteau Twins"

So, I thought I should share something a little old and a little bit intimate with you.

This song first came around when I was born. Yes, it is as old as me. A man in my family once told me about the Sirens, in Greek Mythology. The story always stuck with me and the older I get, I feel that the legend of the Siren has evolved and taken a new form.

But the legend goes as such:
The Sirens would sit on the cliffs or the rocks and sing to sailors to bring them closer. The sailors would get too close to the jagged rocks, crash and drown. Ultimately they would give their life for something beautiful.

This song is actually suppose to be sung by a man. He is singing to a Siren and confessing his love for her and admitting how he is drowning. How he needs her to come to him because he called her. But where is she? Has she abandoned him?

The fact that a woman sings brings me to the point where i think the Siren has taken a new form. I don't think it is a woman anymore. I think it can be a man. It could be me...? I prefer to think of myself as the siren in the water and not the rocks. Admittedly I think I drew them in, but I met them half way. Is it a case of waiting for the sailor brave enough to jump off the ship and swim towards me? Has he not realised that I prefer being in the water? I don't want to be rescued, i want to be joined.

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