Friday, March 26, 2010


Becareful boys, he wants whats not his, funny how Wrath seems to be right behind Envy topping it like a bear in a harness, having his way with a hungry bottom-cub in the roughest gay porn you've ever seen!
Envy likes the thrill of getting what he cant have, it is his fuel that pumps his engine full! He will chase it till he has the sweet sweet flavour rolling round inside his mouth, like a soft summer chilled grape, he crushes the the sweet flesh till the sensational glucose rich syrup runs out onto his soft lips. There is no desire more desired. He has gone from player to addict.

Well a couple comes his way. He is really into the one guy. Strong arms and a trucker cap...just works. Now the plan is for all to play together like kids on one of those spinning jungle gyms, in the park, each one has a turn pushing and each has a turn riding however it turned out that when the time came to play the hot one was only available, so he does it...anyway! He is pulling his pants back on and about to leave when the boyfriend arrives. Tension builds in the air as a relationships starts to crash right in front of his eyes. He makes a break for it just in time to avoid any confrontation but he is the cause of all the trouble. The sweet taste of someone else's bitterness...

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