Friday, March 26, 2010


The man thats never satisfied. The man with the hot boyfriend but still needs more. The man where one is not enough. The man thats tweaked out of his mind, the man that has lube and domes strapped to an armband tightly wrapped high up on his arm and v-pills hooked onto his belt. The man that takes more than one cock at once, a man with who has too much space to fill.

The possessive guy that hounds his free spirited boyfriend like a hawk soaring high in the sky two eyes focused firmly on what he thinks is his. He flaunts his lover. He shows him off, parading him as if he were the prize horse at a race track, for others to marvel in yet no man may kiss, touch, flirt or even speak to the beautiful specimen of man!

This is such a tricky one to try write about... I have a few stories but they all border on gross instead of dark comedy, i mean everything you just read I have been a first hand eye witness to all of it... and in some cases a little too close for comfort.

So if you have a story of a 'greedy' lover let me know...

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