Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There is the drinker and the eater.The eater is that over weight guy sitting in a cruising bar chowing down on a greasy sandwich with extra chips, returning to the bar in 20min intervals for a stick of dry wors followed by the ridiculous coke light. Now i get the calorie counting when one is on a diet but munching on terrible food and then guzzling down the coke with the gross taste is not going to help at all. Put down the fork and he might get some real meat in his mouth... is that not the point of a cruising bar?
The drinker is the guy that tries to be best friends with the barman. It slips his mind that a
barman is working and if he is a real barman he could probably drink you under the counter all on your tab. He drinks too much too quickly and the end result will not be very desirable.

He is the straight boy, nervous, scared, excited as he sits in a steam and leisure joint waiting to find something that will tickle his fancy. He is drinking too much!
He is already hammered and the night is just beginning. Why is he naked? Granted he is in a place where one only has to wear a towel but christ, could he not even keep that on. He stumbles around flirting with anything that might flirt back. Not only did he check his pants at the door but his dignity as well.


wozzel said...

meet many of them around?

Juanne de Abreu said...

oh yes i have, i am the barman that drank them under the counter, hehehehe