Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is Joburg in Pink 

This blog is run by my friends L & D... its keeps you in gear with a little bit that my Jozzie has to offer.

I met them while I was staying in durban and had the pleasure of staying at their guest house.  what a superb stay and they did not even complain that I am a complete lush.  If I don't provide immediate entertainment, there will definitely be something to talk about when I leave. But I have been welcomed back so I think I was as well behaved as can be considering I poured into bed after the Lounge on numerous occasions 

Kroeg... the bar

Open everynight from 7pm till the last person leaves.
Kroeg is a new venture into lifestyle bars. Its a themed lounge where a garage meets an elegant dinning room setting. Chandeliers hang over a concrete floor... a playground where dirty and sexy can play together.
Kroeg caters more towards private functions, birthday parties, bachelors, small corporate events or just an amazing diner party for you and your friends. Its home away from home feeling will leave you instantly comfortable and when the night gets darker, the lights come on and its time to dance.
No party too small and no requests too extravagant. for your next small function give me a call (083 603 3729) and put us to the test.
We promise we wont dissappoint you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ride to Nowhere

1st of March, if weather permits, its the ride to Haartes for no real reason and back to Kroeg... Lets see how it goes?


So lets get into what exactly this blog will be about and what you can come to expect from me Juanne-Pierre.  I am the owner of a brand new bar/lounge called Kroeg.  in the bar i have bikes which we have just started to tours with.  As the first year of owning a business comes closer to the end i thought it's time to start writing again.  Writing about my experiences I've had and how they influence me today and ultimately giving you a chance to look into the life of a 26 year old gay man in South Africa.

blah, blah blah...

Basically, if you can appreciate good humour keep reading my shit.  I always find myself in some of the most uncomfortable jams and maybe you might just get to hear about them.  Trust me you will laugh your arse off!!!

So basically this week will entail trying to stop drinking and trust me, when you own a bar its not so easy to say 'i don't want that sundowner'.  Its been 24 hours, still sober and sitting in front of my mac jotting it down. 

This all began early Monday morning when I decided to spend the day at a Day Spa.  I was in for a surprise.  The idea never occurred to me that maybe someone telling me how to relax might just tense me up.  Even more shocking was the fact that sleeping with other people who are awake kinda freaks the shit out of me.  I cant even dose off in the car with friends without waking with my heart pounding fast enough to charge a small town with energy, let alone sleep while a stranger is rubbing my naked body.  
                          Needless to say, I woke up on the border of hysterical.  I jumped off the message table before she could say anything else and dashed off to get dressed.  As quick as I could i rushed out of there and straight home to try relax... my way.  somehow I don't think I'm alone in saying that being forced to relax by a stranger is hardly relaxing, i would much rather take a shorter message from a lover who is feeling me off rather than rubbing me down.  

When I asked around though, to my horror I found 1 individual who thought the same way.

  Maybe we were wrong?  Maybe I need to change?  Maybe I just need to stop drinking... and bingo!  Thats were it started.  Maybe its my horrific detox from a weekend with satan and a bunch of rent boys, Jack, Jameson, Johnnie and the one with the funny accent Jagermeister!  That could be the reason I couldn't relax.  
so this will be step one, if afterwards I'm still uncomfortable Ill try something else, I'm sure there's a reason.
Wishing Me Happy Hunting

Boys Go Hiking

Following in last weeks adventure tour, we are heading out for a hike in the majestic Magaliesburg on the 8th March to catch the last bit of summer rays and maybe take a dive into some crystal clear mountain water.  
Lets try get this group to grow...

A Slice of Gay Pie

So here it all begins.  After one long day, which I'm still in pain from, a bunch of Mary's and Mary lovers decided to hop on a bike and ride out to the bush, out to a lodge, with a bridge, strap ourselves in and jump of the edge.  It was a day for bungee.  The weather was superb and everyone has a burnt patch of skin to prove it, some more than others.  
The day began with a long foofy slide over green trees and bush.  The slow gentle slope sent you cruising down the line with the wind in your hair and ground at your feet.  Now to stop the bungee we were to grab a black rope or else we would just slowly slide back above the dense bush however no-one told 'Ter-bear' that monkeying around while tipping the scales at 90 odd kilos might bring you to a halt above the dense trees without even a sniff of the black rope.  Needless to say it took the skinny 50kilo kid a bit of time to haul Ter's ass up the slope so we could move on to the next thing.  Too my surprise, when we got to the king swing my golden goddess had already gone.  She got strapped in, looked forward and screamed all the way down... or so I'm told. 
Now the swing had a trick to it.  Looking at it you might just think its a grown up sized swing for grown ups.  Maybe.  But when I was hanging and i mean hanging of the edge knowing full well there is no going back, hell i was hanging, it was fall or faint time so I chose the masculine approach of screaming to be dropped and then screaming when i was dropped and screaming until i eventually came closer to the ground.  It was amazing! 
Final step... off the edge.  Time to take the big plunge (eeeuw)!  After alot of thinking I decided to jump.  Once everyone showed me how being the biggest gay pussy was so not hot, i jumped.  It was by far the scariest thing I have forced myself to do as of yet.  My voice has been faint, husky yet sexy for three days now.  In the end, it was totally worth it.  The adrenaline was pumping through my veins like a teenager that just came in his pants for the first time.  It was amazing but not really the jump, the psych up before and the rush afterwards, i felt fuck all enjoyment from bobbing up and down like bad fore play.  I would still recommend everyone try it once.
Once we cooled down it was lunch time, a braai, the lunch for traditional South African folk, meat, meat, potatoes and meat, that was good eating.  So then its back on the bike, heading home to finish the good eating with some sweet lovin'.
And so the gay days keep turning, more adventures to come, more to right and more to read.
Happy adventuring!

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