Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Drum and Bass...Oos Rand se Kant

So, I am back in the East Rand, well Far East Rand to be exact and in the need to take a step back from all the all gay activities I have been so prone to attend I decided to hit a little whole in the wall called Black Dahlia. I went on a Thursday night because they host some DJs from a crew called Buttjigga that pound some Drum and Bass. I love Drum and Bass! I find it really really sexy some times to hear a different beat to move my hips to.

Now when I arrived a heavy metal band was playing. They were alright, a little juvenile in their approach to rock but I liked their style. Eventually it was time for the DJ's to play their set and naturally I was on the dance floor Jigga'ing my Butt! Very confidently the lead singer of the band is dancing right up in my space. At first I was a little weird ed out that I was so aggressively chased but being a man it only lasted a second before I thought "Damn, this is HOT!"

Needless to say that I was totally surprised to be hooking up with a hottie in a place that sold Wellington Brandy by the gallons... although Wellingtons is probably the reason I had a kiss and a tickle in a some what less than desirable toilet cubicle. Oh well, all in the name of HOT.

I am looking forward to this Thursday, lets see what Boksburg has to offer me.

Till next time.
Happy Hunting!

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SteveA said...

Sounds good. I can even picture me jigging my butt there!