Monday, August 2, 2010

The season changes...

So, as spring approaches I feel the itch start of what is a season of partying, drug induced, outside in the sun surrounded with plants, festival, sex in tents fun partying! Lets just test the waters with a small little fetish party in Selby Johannesburg before I graduate to full festival swing.

Now Citrus Lounge is a very awesome venue with all its circles, the dance floor could stand to be a bit darker especially when Mark Stent's set is dark house and banging away. The music was awesome! That mans body is so awesome behind decks and when you feel the rush through your veins his music set vibrates the bones that holds you all together. Fantastic!

The crowd were fairly responsive to the whole fetish, fantasy idea. I think the whole thing would work better if the Jozzie boys will get over their insecurities and just slip into something a little bit sexier or fun for the event. Show those tattoos, bare some flesh, strap yourself into a harness or just drag it up if all else fails. I always try show flesh but this winter has been unkind to me so the party had to settle with me showing off only enough shoulder to see my tattoo and only enough chest remembering to keep the nurple-that's 'turned on nipple'-nurple, covered.

The party was a Kinx party, I remember Kinx from my film school days where on occasion I would need some leather paraphernalia or a big black dildo or even just when I wanted to look at a really hot man, I would go over to Kinx for a peak.

It was a good start to a season that promises to be filled with golden showers and morning glories...
Till next time
Happy hunting and good gardening!

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