Thursday, September 16, 2010 just another craving?

So, drugs, well lets be honest, no body needs to tell you that they are a bad idea. Well just in case, its a bad idea. It really is, if for no other reason than that it is bad for your body. With that said I feel the need to say that you should do exactly what ever the fuck you want to do. I want to not, enough said.

Sex... well here is a little nugget. I thought for a moment that sex was controlling me however, after long debate I came to a lovely conclusion. I am just someone with a high sex drive. I have a viewpoint of it as if it is food, and I need it three times a day to keep me going. Trying to avoid sex makes me think about it more so how do I combat this in a healthy way...?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Well this is about reconnecting with ones self! My Hint - No Movies, No magazines, No on lookers, just you! Try it.

Well, with my naughtiest wanker grin, till next time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D... the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

So, why would alcohol be such a huge problem in my life, I mean I can get trashed when I am partying which is often, maybe just stop partying? Well, you see I dont drink all the time, its not a case of brandy with my corn flakes and so it is not controlling or interfering with my life.

The answer is a personal one because as a person with epilepsy drinking creates a wider gap for a seizure to occur and not to mention that mixing booze and meds together is just plain old dangerously stupid. The booze binges would leave me completely emotional for three main reasons... 1, the alcohol does not mix with my medication. 2, the meds are to be taken specifically at 12 hour intervals which I dont do if I know I will be drinking. 3, I am already an emotional person.

I have not had a booze binge in 28 days but I have had one whiskey and water on three separate days. Even when I went out and had the ever delicious shot of tequila I hurled it right back up. My body is finally catching on that my days of swaying at a bar shooting back tequila shots off of a mans body are over.

My hint for curbing the booze a little - avoid shooters, they are the ones that jump up suddenly and scream "HEY, SURPRISE, YOU ARE DRUNK MO'FO!!" and nobody is attractive when they are plastered.

Till next time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

D.... it all starts with food.

So, I find it extremely difficult to just stop eating the junk I get use to eating and the craving overwhelms me. This whole little song and dance is actually quite taxing on my mind and on my sleep, when I start to dream of things I want to eat. My point is that food is still controlling me even if it is healthier choices. Plus I do not want to be one of those health folk who can only talk about health food and the beast way to cook an organic skinless chicken breast with broccoli and ginger sauce... I mean it has to be worse than talking about ones job, or the weather. Boring!

I need what I want to eat to flow sort of naturally. I begin with eating berries. Actually overloading on them. Breakfast, lunch, dessert, in between snacks. Fresh strawberries, cranberries and mulberries. They are high in Vit C and rich in blah blah blah....basically they are good for the brain. Its all high in glucose and gets the brain working at maximum efficiency. Plus cranberries are good for the flow of blood ergo no urine infections plus they aid in preventing testicular cancer. We must do what we can to keep our bits in pristine condition.

Time to grow a mulberry tree and a fair sized strawberry patch (you will need to plant about 50 to get a patch that will produce enough for a small family over the season).

And what you will notice after choosing a fruit that you enjoy eating and eat it regularly you will find yourself craving them, needing them, wanting them. Slowly the need to pop the packet of caramel covered popcorn will subside.

My hint for a better diet - dont subtract just add, add the good things, your body will find the balance.

Till next time.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

D.E.P.O. - Intro

So, here is a little formula I have used since I was a little boy to combat the blues or try reconnecting with oneself.

D - Detox is by far the first order on the road to a brighter, better you. I need to cut out all things I do in excess that are not actually good for me however one in particular is not necessarily bad for me its just something I need to have control over instead of letting it control me. Drugs, alcohol, food and sex.

E - Exercise is step number two. Find a workout that works for you, being a short somewhat stocky guy with stick legs I have developed my own work out routine that best helps me look the way I want to with the natural body I was given. I enjoy looking lean and fairly ripped rather than all muscled up, I think it has something to do with making my legs fit my body and appear more in proportion.

P - Project! Find a hobby, something that most of your friends wont take an interest in, something you can devout your own time to, to spend it with yourself. It provides great clarity, to keep your hands busy and allow the thought process to run wild, it will allow you to answer your very own questions of what you want. I like gardening. I like to make things grow and I like to be outside, so it all works for me.

O - Obsession. Find something you can love that is inanimate. If you focus it on something alive say even a cat or dog you will have to care for it and this program is about yourself, nothing else.
So find something to buy and obsess about. I like engines and if I had the luxury I would throw some money towards a motorbike.

So, I am going to go in depth into each one of these categories so you can maybe pick up some good health tips, recommendations on quick and effective pieces of home gym equipment, and the perfect mulch for the right spots.

Till then...

miike snow "black & blue"

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