Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am Erin Brokovich...?

Reading butterflies--hurricanes.blogspot  this morning, I came across a line that stuck out: "In contrast to straight people, gays often want their own appearance to match what they like to see in a lover."  And this got me thinking, do we put ourselves together for ourselves or do we put certain things in place in order to attract what we actually want?

Now if it were a set in stone rule then I would maybe have to rethink some of the things I wear.  I mean, I can dress like a bit of a skater skank at times but I am actually not interested in dating a skater skank, just think that white trash look is kinda sexy.  But in all fairness I am interested more in the gentlemen.  Looking back, two thirds of the men I have been in love with were all... well... nerds.  The rest I guess were skanks - sexy but skanky nonetheless.  Looking at the man above here, does the impression change from business look to ready-for-sex look in terms of how you perceive him?

In light of the actual blogs topic though, he was talking about tattoos, I thought about whether my inked body is a result of what I want a lover to be?  Or is it all me?  Personally it seems more of two ideas holding hands because I would not put something on my body I did not actually like purely to grab attention that I have a tattoo (ergo why I do not have a tribal tattoo or stars).  Nor would I put some of the things I dig on my body because it might detour men with its unsightliness or pure bad taste.  It needs to complement each other.  Attract what you want to attract and still please you for years to come.  

So what would my tattoo say about a lover I want:  He must be strong but know how to decorate a cake.  He must always be willing and able to grow.  He must be bright and bring colour to my life.  And he needs to know a good thing when it is in front of him... touching his toes:-D

Does it make a difference?  Between these two pics of Mr Beckham?  Does it change your opinion?

So in light of the title of this post I will you leave you with a quote from the film : "It just so happens that I think I look nice and as long as I have one ass instead of two, I will wear whatever I Goddamn like... If that's ok with you"


Wesley said...

I am the exact opposite to my boyfriend and we are exactly what we like in men...

I suppose you can't say that something is specifically your type until you meet it, get along with it and can live with it for a prolonged period of time.

Mind Of Mine said...

I don't agree with Jack's comments. By his logic, every thing we buy, every time we dress we are thinking about what 'man' it will attract to us, which is just a little bit one sided.

We dress to portray an image, that I believe but we do it for the sake of everyone, not just a potential partner.

P.s I think the guy looks sexier in the suit, rather than out of it.