Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Sink Wash Your Junk!

"Imagine you went down on someone and their joint tastes like cheese and chives chips..." a friend said that to me one evening.

After some wine to fuel the mood, him and i got the giggles where we said some of the dumbest things to each other.  But along with the dumb comes the fun and the idea of taking second helpings or double dipping to another really fascinated us.

How would we respond?  How would you respond?  Say it was even a quick little hook up and the hottie standing in front of you just whips it out, as if he is presenting you with a prize, and once you pop it in your mouth all you can taste is the meal, that the person sucking before, was eating.  Gross... right?  Or completely hilarious?  At what point do you say "No, I will not suck that..." or rather should I say for who would we say no to.

How arrogant must a man be that he would not even sink wash his junk before the next man in line?  So do we perceive that arrogance as hot or not?

So prevent any chance of a second meal, here is a plan for you guys who love the odd blow job - run some water and stick your dick under it.  Give it a few jiggles then finally you have made an effort to keep it clean.  Etiquette for random and anonymous cock-sucking... who would have though? LOL


Mind Of Mine said...

My friend and I where just talking about this issue the other day. I told him the story of going down in a guy in the club toilets (I know, classy).

I didn't really look at the guys dick before I went down, but as I had it my mouth, when I felt something land on my tongue. I spit it out on my hand and it was a big piece of head cheese.

I was sick there and then.

JustAMike said...

It's clean or no deal for me!

Juanne-Pierre said...

@Mind of Mine... shame bro, but I guess you learnt never to do that again, hahahaha
@JustAMike... I agree yo'. One can even sink wash there junk in front of me, I will not mind.

Jackdaw said...

If it tastes like food, chew it well.

Mind Of Mine said...

Yep, now whenever I suck off a guy in the toilets of a club, I always check.

Juanne-Pierre said...

@Jackdaw hahahahahahaha! Gross.

nemo said...

no comment

skier said...

Sorry, I just haven't been with anyone who wouldn't want the junk clean. And I don't want to either.

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