Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ghosts of Lovers Past. "T"

"T" is for Two Month Affair...
So much of fun! We danced and drank and screwed our brains out. He was my transitional guy because my last boyfriend was not into dancing or getting completely hammered however I am a little party animal at times and this was a part of my life that I was sacrificing for a guy.
So when Transitional guy came along I drank it up like the tallest most delicious Long Island Iced Tea I have ever had the pleasure of sipping on.

Here I see myself start to realize what exactly I want from life and where I want to be going. It was like that movie 9 1/2 weeks...two people meet, they are instantly attracted to each other, they cant resist the sexual tension and that's all they feed on. I was reaching the mid point of my development stage, going from pink penis to green. As green penis approaches I realize that I need more heart than ass to make a relationship work so this one came to an end.

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