Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Animal Sex Totem (Number 1)

The Elephant:

You are fertile and virile.
You have a powerful Libido.
Raging hormones.
This totem symbolizes longevity in love, power as a lover, versatility as a partner and loyalty as a companion.

                                                                 With their very large ears - you need to listen up more.
Their trunk gives them a heightened sense of smell - you are living in a very fragrant world and because the trunk helps out in more than just one way it should be imploring you to do more than you think you can because you have the tools already to achieve.

Are you an elephant?


Mr Lovelace said...

I love elephants!!! How can I found out whats my animal totem? Or do I need to consult a Navajo Indian leader?

Juanne-Pierre said...

So do I!!!
I am your Indian leader, although I am not Indian, so we will call me the animal totem sex advisor. :-D