Friday, April 22, 2011

Animal Sex Totem (Number 4)


He stands up tall and proud.
He exudes a higher knowledge.

Alert of his lovers needs.
Watchful of his lovers needs.
Discreet of his lovers needs.
Generous of his lovers needs.

This animal represents the need to be aware of our surroundings and to second guess anyone who boldly approaches.  Never letting his guard down.
The tall, looking from side to side, meerkat also teaches us to return to the earths energies for respite and rejuvenation just as he returns to his burrow when the time calls.

are you a Meerkat?


mb247365 said...

I like your animal totem posts. The guy in this one looks nice. I like and enjoy male butt photos. Anyway, I think I fall into the lion totem the most so far. Family and community are high on my list. I was brought up in the belief that a man does what it takes to care for his own. I see some traits in all of them though. I think my writing shows this.

nemo said...

i think im the Meerkat 100% ^^