Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lament in G

I need more to my life than partying and cruising.  I need to feel more.  As an emotional being I tend to relish in the extremities of my emotions however, of late, I have been feeling that something exterior needs to make me feel more and my own personal life needs to make me feel less.  In other words I dont want the joke that is my love life to be the sole reason I feel - on a deeper level of course -anything at all.  Is there not more to life than this?  Can I not express emotion which does not necessarily pertain to a personal problem in my life?  Just cry and forget about it because it is fairly removed from me?

So I went to the theatre.  Found something I wanted to see.  Bought a ticket.  Dressed in my best skater boy-meets-gay-theatre-goer finest.  Stepped out onto the road and walked the block to the theatre.  and for that hour and a half I was thoroughly entertained.  I felt so much.

Lament is a passionate expression of grief or sorrow.

This story was just that.  Something really sad and heavy to swallow, told with music, song and poetry.  What attracted me was the bilingual nature of the play.  In essence we have a couple, an afrikaans boy and an english girl, who fall madly in love with each other however once Beth experiences a horrific ordeal she is unable to inebriate the pain she feels and slowly she is driven mad by her own unwillingness to forgive, forget and move on.  This consumes her to such a degree that she alienates her lover.  He, in turn, is frustrated that he cannot help his wife, he cannot seem to get his career off the ground and he is completely frustrated at his constant shortcomings in every aspect of his life.

There is some cool dancing going on, some awesome lighting and by the end she lifts her 'hobby' into the air.  The violin pulling at my hearts strings and the idea that this woman, consumed with anger and grief, spent her life trying to put something beautiful together.  Something to make her life seem beautiful.  I cried my little eyes out.  It was so emotionally charged that I could not help but feel.  I felt the pain of regret, I felt the pain of hard work and I felt the pain of a person's slow fall into a pit of madness.  

Plus there is some serious eye candy yo'.  I have like a little theatre crush on one of the actors in the play... I'm not going to say who for hopes that one day I will build the courage to go up to him and say that I am Jonesing after his talent...  Delicious!

So if you need to remind yourself that you are a person who feels... Get yourself to the Arena Theatre on Campus for Lament in G.  It is absolutely brilliant.  This play is off the hook brilliant!!!

So go see it guys, however going to a play by yourself requires some serious bravery... don't ask me how I do it!

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