Monday, June 20, 2011

Sinner -

Jeff is a beautiful body trapped in the mind of a prude.  He is constantly thinking about sex but he never acts on any of his fantasies.  A simple chance encounter in a supermarket will set his mind on a track like a train through a scenic route, slowly seeing so much but never actually being involved.

Jeff never felt comfortable when flirtation came his way.  He thought, to not experience any heart palpitations from the added anxiety, excitement and shear nervousness, was always the safer option. 

Jeff worked at a quiet advertising company as a copywriter.  Jeff was always very nervous when his boss was around.  His palms would sweat and he would forget his words mid sentence.  Why had he never expressed any of these emotions to anyone?  For the obvious reason: it’s the Boss.  A diligent worker and never late Jeff proved himself a valuable employee and his boss favored him above all the other employees.  One day, after closing a really big account, Jeff was invited to a celebratory lunch with the Boss.  Jeff’s excitement was palpable but this was work, so he would have to put his anxiety and nerves in his pocket for the meantime and go celebrate with the Boss.  Jeff sat at the edge of his seat the entire lunch totally distracted by his feelings for the Boss.  “Why can I not just relax and be professional?  And why don’t I have the courage to bring it to the surface slightly?  Just a little.  Just gauge the reaction, Jeff”, he thought to himself as he sat opposite his very handsome boss.  He felt like a kid who was celebrating his birthday tomorrow and that excitement along with the help of a little wine pushed Jeff forward.  So far forward in fact that Jeff kissed the Boss.  The Boss did not react as hoped; instead he shrugged a bit, mumbled some words, stood up and left.  Jeff was mortified.

Later that night, after sweating it out the dance floor with some friends in hopes of forgetting his embarrassing ordeal, he stumbles out of the club just before the sun is about to peak its face over the mountain.  Jeff stands and sways gently for a while in the middle of the sidewalk looking to the mountain, then at his watch, then back at the mountain.  He wondered whether or not he should just call it a night.  He wondered if he should go back inside to let his friends know he was contemplating going home.  He wondered if he should just wait a little bit longer, he might still get laid and then hopefully he could forget the smacking-lips-with-the-Boss-fuck-up really happened.  And with that single reminding thought he wanted to immediately get a cab and go back to his safe bed, alone.  He couldn’t forget it.  He was a fool for trying.  It only made matters worse.  Now he is plastered, standing on the streets, moments before dawn.  He could feel tears welling in his eyes and he knew then and there that his best bet to save the little bit of dignity he has left was to get in a cab and get himself home.

In the cab he mumbled the address and naturally the driver could not understand him.
Where to Sir…?”
“Do you know Mavericks?”
“On Buitenkant street, Sir?”
“Yes, the strip place… take me there”
“Okay… Sir.”
Jeff is so drunk that when the cab came to a stop he paid and hopped out, completely forgetting that he lived about a block up from Mavericks.  So as he started to walk to his apartment building a very beautiful coloured woman approached him.  Everything moved a little slower as she approached.  Her hair swirled in the breeze with absolute grace, no faults, never covering her eyes or mouth, perfection.  She walked with such confidence.  She had tight jeans on with boots up to her knees, a soft flowing tank top that moved with her body as if breasts and cotton were caught in a dance of unison.  She was this Amazonian walking out of the jungle towards him.  She oozed sex and it pissed off the already pissed Jeff before she had even said a word.
“Hi, sorry to bother you but I….”
“Look, I am toooo drunk for a tik whore right now.
“Excuse me?  What did you just say?”
“Pleashhe, leave me lone!”
Jeff stumbled to the floor and the beautiful stranger helped him to his feet. 
“Please, please, I don’t have money for you.  Just leave me be.”
She puts both her hands on his face and rearranges his face so he’s only inches away from hers.  Jeff stared straight into her eyes and the world behind her turned black.  Everything sank into a sort of nothing as her eyes captivate him completely.  He heard drums start to play, a strong marching beat, the sound echoed in his head. 
“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  You seek the love not the sex and yet you stand in front of me in judgment because I appear to be a… stripper?  I appear to have the… sex… you dream of?  You are nothing but a wimp!”
The wind starts to swirl around Jeff’s head and his eyes roll in the back of their sockets as though he were about to pass out.
“Sinnerrrrrrr…….”  She says before everything turned completely black.

Jeff woke up the next morning in his bed, hung over to the maximum.  He gets out of bed and walks towards the toilet, unfortunately his member was rock hard so he couldn’t urinate with ease.  He stood there for a while swaying, waiting for the trickle to come to an end.  It took him some time until the night before started rushing back to him. 
“Did I pass out?  How did I get home?  What happened to that woman?” 
Looking down, he is still hard and not completely emptied either however the ordeal was starting to get painful.  He starts to stroke his rock hard member in order to get it to go down.  After he climaxes he thought, “All good”, but still his cock remained like rock.

Realizing he was running late for work, he quickly slipped on a double pair of underwear for that day, along with the baggiest jeans, all in an effort to disguise the obvious bulge he had in his pants.  Even once he was at work behind his desk his boner persisted.  Strangely he was not worried.  He was more turned on than ever. 

Soon Jeff is summoned into the Bosses office.  He had completely forgotten about the kiss and his obvious hard-on was not going to make this meeting any easier.  The Boss had a corner office.  It was not the biggest office but it had the best view.  He had a glass desk as not to obstruct the view in any capacity.  He was a man that liked to look.  At first Jeff stood in front of the clear desk, with nowhere to hide his erection, and the Boss just looked at him.  He wanted to say something but as he opened his mouth the bulge in Jeff’s pants immediately distracted him.  They were speechless for a while.  Then the Boss spoke.
“Whip it out then Jeff.  Just show it to me so we can get this over and done with.  You are by far my best employee so lets just get this sexual tension out of the way?”
“Sir… I don’t know if…”
“Jeff! I know you enjoy your job, stop being so scared and just do it.”
Jeff unzipped and pulled his penis out.  The excitement of it all was too much and he immediately ejaculated across the glass table.  There he was, sprayed across from one end to the other.  He had very impressive range and the Boss was obviously impressed.

An hour later, Jeff emerged from the Bosses office with his bulge still prevalent.  He did not stop there.  The first person to smile at his bulging crotch, he paneled.  In the bathrooms, a lonely hallway or even a quiet stairwell was the perfect place for Jeff to screw his brains out.

He became a man with an everlasting hard-on.  He did not eat.  He could not sleep.  Jeff could only fuck.

Jeff cannot stop.

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Great... story... I.... don't know... if... i can... write any... more... ;)