Sunday, June 5, 2011

Real Horror Films

It's been a day of work as I prepare for a meeting tomorrow.  Flipping through a horror script and breaking it down is what the most part of my day was spent doing.  To keep in line with the genre I was working in I decided to get a film that I could watch in between work to break the concentration yet not distract me.  Hello "The Cove"

I have avoided watching the film because, well, I am just a big old softy when it comes to watching animals die.  It really pulls at my heart so I need to be in the most objective mood in order to view it, so not to take it personally.  But how can you not take this personally?

I have had the pleasure of swimming with a dolphin out in the ocean.  Brief, nowhere near what I experienced with a whale shark, but enriching to the soul nonetheless.  The idea that people would corner these dolphins up and butcher them till they die is disgusting.  And for no real good reason.  To see the water, of what looks like a beautiful little beach, turn red from the blood of the dolphins is a little soul crushing to watch.  I can't help but shed tears while I write this.

So if you are one for documentaries that shock, then you need to watch this.  However if you are someone who would give something as horrific as this a skip, there is something you need to know:

Dolphins DO NOT belong in captivity.


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

huh. how have i never heard of this? i'm kind of intrigued now...


Juanne-Pierre said...

You know Kelly, in terms of film they try to keep the shocking events a secret because that is what the film builds up towards... So I was not aware of the scale in which this massacre occurs. I am just spreading the word