Sunday, June 12, 2011

Perving Without Feeling Perverted.

 What sucked me in this weekend as i refused to leave the comfort of my bed... a television series called "Spartacus"
I have not heard of it before I just saw this beefy man on the cover and thought, hell why not.  and I am pleasantly surprised.
The first episode is nothing but a bad made for TV version of 300.  Even with the red cape swooping in the wind and it is very lame.  I thought I was in for something stupid but when the next episode rolled around and the first sauna scene, I was hooked.  As a gay man I was hooked on the beautiful nudity so unabashedly presented but as a story teller I was encapsulated by the dark world of the gladiators and magnificent Rome.

And here comes my new little television crush:

Manu Bennet, he is just up my street, early forties, bulky, beefy, dark hair, dark eyes, a scar on his face and totally upfront and comfortable with his nudity.  He starts off as the cocky nemesis of our protagonist but as his story unravels it becomes rich and sweet.  Which made me wonder something, do women enjoy nudity on screen?  Do they appreciate it the way I do?  And if not, who are they really displaying this nudity for?

Furthermore, there is a scene where one of the gladiators is fucking this girl in front of the high society.  A woman marvels at his thrusting and utters the words "bashing her like a bull", this is rather hot!

Throw in some very gory fight scenes, a dive into the underworld, a penis made of wax and some very beautiful costumes and I think we have something that is very rare to find, some Adult Television.  So now we can jump between the Vamps on True Blood and the Gladiators on Spartacus.  Have fun Late Night Viewers.


Mind Of Mine said...

I suppose females ogle at men just as well as they gays do. The Chippendales wouldn't exist otherwise.

Juanne-Pierre said...

True... I guess I wonder why they dont have more nudity on TV if woman are the primary viewers... right?

mistress maddie said...

I will have to check this out! He is so stunning and I agree with you on him. He is right up my street too, we'll be taking a walk together to get to him!!!!