Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Should we be boozing and blogging?

I will let you in on a little secret... the guys I tend to date... they all remind me of someone I have seen in a movie or television show.  Yip, I get turned on by 'impersonation' rather than the real thing.  but no, I do not get hot from impersonators.

Here's the deal, it all began with "Chopper".  An actor stood out so much, I mean so so much that I was turned on.  Not by the way he looked (and that is not to say that the man isn't delicious) but by his talent, and I get that some guys out there are not turned on by things like talent, but I am.  Therefore I remembered that name and I payed attention to his career over the years.  Chopper was released in 2000 and I have had the hugest crush on Eric Bana and I know, no one knows this about me.  I have been secretly Jonezing after Mr Bana since I was in Std 9.  And yes, I am old enough to be able to call it Std 9 and not Grade whatever.  Once upon a time in late 2009 I thought I saw him, only it was just a man that looked like him.  I only really approached my 'Eric Bana' look alike in 2010, actually, he only payed attention to me in 2010, nonetheless I had his attention.
The point to all of this... I miss Eric Bana so much, hey.  What do I do, I rent "Troy" and "The Time Travelers Wife" just to get a little bit closer to that fuzzy feeling looking at Eric Bana brings.  So admittedly this is one of those half-a-bottle-of-pinotage posts but what else can one do on an odd day besides polish of some wine and watch some movies that make us feel like its all ok?
It all seems rather sweet/pathetic until night time comes and I realize that I have to get on with it yo'.  I am not getting any younger and there is only so much longer this little face/body is going to get me laid... right?
So... what do you do...HEY?  When our steam slowly starts to dissipate and the engine turns slower? But because it's winter I hit my nearest video store.  I really hate cold.

and after reading this post... I think YES!  Us bloggers need to be doing more drunk blogging, I mean this shit has spell check, so lets see what a bunch of inebriated minds can come up with... haha!


Mind Of Mine said...

I think he has amazing eyes. I do'drugged up' blogging up all the time.

Greg said...

I'd go after someone who looked like Eric Bana, too. Handsome and a great body. Plus, the accent . . . .

Juanne-Pierre said...

@Mof M - Drug blogging, have not tried it unless you count a joint, hahaha
@Greg - that accent turns me into butter in the sun

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